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Increases Productivity and Lowers Cost of Ownership

To truly maximize your investment, increase your productivity, and lower your operating costs, Varian offers a broad range of upgrades to complement your current tools. For more than a decade, we have been providing our customers with state-of-the-art upgrades based on the newest technologies and driven by the latest process requirements. But beyond boosting your performance and increasing your yield, Varian Ion Implanter Upgrades build a profitable partnership to last the life of your system -- so that year after year, your Varian Ion Implant Equipment will continue to be the cornerstone of your fab's success.

The addition of Varian Ion Implanter Upgrades to your current tools will:

  • Boost your yield
  • Increase your uptime
  • Reduce your maintenance requirements
  • Improve your ease of operation

Our Upgrades Team will work directly with you, sharing their expertise to carefully determine the most appropriate upgrade options for your current tools. Based on your immediate production requirements and plans for future growth -- and with a constant eye on your return on investment- our team of experts will use their in-depth understanding of your applications to recommend the upgrades package that is best suited to your fab's needs. Take a look at Varian Ion Implanter Upgrades. And see how to get the most out of your current tools.

Click on the product line of your choice to see the available upgrades for your particular system.

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