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Unparalleled Beam Purity
Absolute Energy Control
Ultra Fast Scanning System
Optimal Beam Line
Particle Control
Highly Parallel Beam

1. Unparalleled Beam Purity
  Only the VIISta 810 is equipped with a special dimer magnet designed explicitly to remove unwanted species directly from the source region -- eliminating all undesirable molecular components prior to acceleration and mass analysis. By achieving such unprecedented beam purity, ion beam transmission is exceptionally high so that beam line maintenance intervals are extended and particle and metals contamination are drastically reduced.

2. Absolute Energy Control
  The combined power of VIISta 810's dimer and 90 degree magnets delivers implants entirely free from unwanted energy contamination. For multiple-charged operation, the 90 degree magnet completely removes the species formed from P2+ dissociation at the final implant energy so that only the desired P++ products are transported to the final parallelizing magnet and wafer.

3. Ultra Fast Scanning System
  With scan rates in excess of 1kHz, the VIISta 810's 10kV electrostatic bipolar scanner produces a beam of exceptional uniformity. The high scan rate minimizes electron depletion and provides the additional focusing required to enhance low energy beam transmission.

4. Optimal Beam Line Particle Control
  Only Varian Semiconductor medium current ion implanters are outfitted with a patented counter-rotating mass slit. Composed of water-cooled, graphite-coated cylinders, this unique feature essentially eliminates the particle generation caused by the static resolving apertures used in other implant systems.

5. Highly Parallel Beam
  The final 70 degree magnet and sampling Faraday metrology system maintain beam parallelism to less than 0.7 degrees, delivering results that simply can't be found with spinning disk systems. In addition, the 70 degree magnet acts as an energy filter, removing neutrals and final dissociation products to further ensure optimum beam purity.

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