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Minimal Energy Contamination
Total Incident Angle Management
Optimum Charge Control
Ultra Low Cross-Contamination
High Tilt Capability

1. Minimal Energy Contamination
  Thanks to the combined power of its dual decel system and 70 degree parallelizing magnet, VIISta 80 delivers implants essentially free from energy contamination. Decel ratios are optimized using the patented decel lens between the magnets and the final energy lens in the process chamber. Plus, the 70 degree magnet also acts as a final energy filter, further removing neutrals and residual dissociation products to ensure optimum beam purity.

2. Total Incident Angle Management
  VIISta 80 provides total incident angle management -- an advantage available only with single wafer systems. The combination of the final 70 degree magnet and Faraday metrology system delivers beam parallelism to less than one degree. And with highly accurate tilt angle control in the process chamber to less than 0.2 degrees, VIISta delivers exceptional repeatability and across wafer uniformity.

3. Optimum Charge Control
  With the industry's shortest beam path neutralization length and naturally low beam density, the VIISta 80 provides optimum conditions for charge control. VIISta's plasma flood gun (PFG) leverages proven technology from the highly successful VIISion™ implanter to create self-regulating electron coupling and superior charge control for advanced device fabrication.

4. Ultra Low Cross-Contamination
  Another inherent advantage of the VIISta 80 system is its ability to consistently achieve ultra low cross-contamination levels. The single wafer design eliminates the major source of contamination in "batch" ion implant systems -- sputtering from the spinning disk itself.

5. High Tilt Capability
  VIISta 80 offers up to +/- 45 degree implant capability for all LATID applications including: pocket implants, dopant profile tailoring, trench/pillar sidewall doping, and precise control of SDE implants. No other high current system covers such a broad range of applications.

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