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Absolute Energy Control
Full Medium Current Capability
Complete Dose Shift Immunity
Real-Time Uniformity Control
Total Incident Angle Management

1. Absolute Energy Control
  VIISta 3000's unique single wafer, parallel beam system delivers precise control of implant depth for all well and channel implants. The DC Tandetron™ accelerator and real time in situ voltage monitoring system provide continuous, interlockable measurement of the ion beam energy. The results are improved uniformity across the wafer and the assurance that your specified implant conditions are easily achieved.

2. Full Medium Current Capability
  VIISta 3000's broad application range readily handles all channel and well implants for both high energy and medium current, including Vt, halo and super-steep retrograde wells. Excellent throughput is also achieved in the positive ion low energy regime, covering the critical 10keV through 160keV medium current implants.

3. Complete Dose Shift Immunity
  To filter out unwanted ion trajectories, VIISta 3000's beam line is equipped with a line-of-sight cryo pump and 50 degree parallelizing magnet. Additional control of dose limits is achieved through the extremely high pumping capacity of VIISta's three 400mm cryo pumps in the end station process chamber. VIISta delivers virtual immunity to dose shift and provides superior control of device parameters and implant results.

4. Real-Time Uniformity Control
  The VIISta 3000 offers continuous real-time uniformity control for comprehensive coverage of all high energy and medium current implants. This control system architecture is based on the industry-leading EHPi system and is also shared with the VIISta 810 for assured process security and ease of recipe transfer.

5. Total Incident Angle Management
  VIISta 3000 provides total incident angle management -- another advantage available only with single wafer systems. With precise beam parallelism to less than one-tenth of a degree and highly accurate tilt angle control, the VIISta 3000 minimizes shadowing, channeling, and encroachment -- easily meeting the demands of high aspect ratio photoresist applications.

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