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Unique Pulsed-Plasma
Dual Independent Process Modules
Total Dose Control
Process Application Advantages
Superior Defect Control

1. Unique Pulsed-Plasma
  A proprietary pulsed-plasma ignition system is the key to VIISta 10 P2LAD's power to deliver highly conformal doping and implants at ultra low energies. By operating below the Paschen limit, energies as low as 20eV are achieved. And VIISta 10 P2LAD's performance is enhanced even further with its low duty cycle -- where the absence of plasma between pulses minimizes the etching and contamination effects common with continuous plasma systems.

2. Dual Independent Process Modules
  VIISta 10 P2LAD's incredibly small footprint of only 6.2m2 minimizes floor space requirements, while the two process chambers maximize both productivity and versatility. The two-chamber cluster tool can be configured for either same species operation or as individually isolated chambers for different species. And with throughputs in excess of 100wph, VIISta 10 P2LAD achieves levels of productivity simply unavailable in conventional beamline low energy implant systems.

3. Total Dose Control
  Thanks to its unique current compensation system, VIISta 10 P2LAD delivers exceptionally precise and highly accurate dose control. While conventional plasma systems rely on end point detection techniques, VIISta 10 P2LAD continuously integrates the implant for each pulse of plasma. And by closely monitoring the plasma's energy condition, optimizing the anode to cathode separation, and maintaining chamber process pressure, VIISta 10 P2LAD ensures the specified implant dose is delivered time after time.

4. Process Application Advantages
  VIISta 10 P2LAD delivers a highly parallel beam with virtually no angular deviation. And with its ion implant trajectory perpendicular to the wafer surface, VIISta 10 P2LAD automatically provides total incident angle control. Combine these advantages with the conformal character of the pulsed-plasma implant process, and you see why VIISta 10 P2LAD is the leader in ultra-shallow junction formation, trench side wall doping, and gate material modification.

5. Superior Defect Control
  Boasting highly precise charge control and minimal contamination levels, the benefits -- and performance advantages -- of VIISta 10 P2LAD's pulsed-plasma system are easy to see. This unique system reduces charge buildup, eliminates particle seeding from the plasma, and minimizes the production of metals from etching of the chamber and electrode surfaces. The results are reduced defects, consistent implant doses, and maximum productivity.

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