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Process Assurance
All the Data....All the Time
Connection to Advanced Support Services
Remote Diagnostics

1. Process Assurance
  VCS provides the ultimate in implant process control. Equipped with trend line tracking, SPC analysis, advanced system diagnostics, and real-time optimization of all implants, VCS is the most powerful operating system available and ensures specified implant conditions are met each and every time.

2. All the data....All the time
  All operational data with respect to system conditions and actual performance is available all the time, making it easy for VIISta to achieve its performance goals. A constant stream of parametric data is collected at a rate as high as 5,500 points every 50 milliseconds. This allows VCS users to perform statistical analysis of the tool, make adjustments during the implant, or completely recreate implant conditions.

3. Connection to Advanced Support Services
  Every VCS system can be connected to the online monitoring and diagnostic capabilities available from Varian Semiconductor's new vCare service plan. The centralized vBay Monitor records the events of all VIISta systems in the implant bay, allowing archiving and analysis of all important performance data.

4. Remote Diagnostics
  Remote problem diagnosis and process optimization become a reality with vDiagnostics. VCS and vDiagnostics provide better tool down prediction, prevention and recovery by utilizing the parametric, time and wafer-based information stored on each VIISta system and on the vBay Monitor.

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