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High Tilt Capability
Precision Incident Angle Control
Maximum Productivity
Total Dose Shift Immunity
Complete Horizontal Wafer Transport

1. High Tilt Capability
  VIISta's high tilt capability truly sets it apart from the competition. Able to tilt up to +/- 60 degrees along both the X and Y axis, VIISta's intrinsic advantages for LATID applications and quad implants are obvious. In addition, high throughput is maintained in quad implants by simply repositioning the tilter rather than removing and re-orienting the wafer.

2. Precision Incident Angle Control
  VIISta's single wafer electrostatic platen provides ultra-precise tilt angle control of +/- 0.2 degrees to minimize incident angle variation in high current, medium current and high energy implants. Another inherent advantage available only with VIISta single wafer implant systems.

3. Maximum Productivity
  VIISta's vacuum dual load lock end station ensures high throughput and maximum productivity. Equipped with a patented dual robot wafer transfer system, VIISta achieves mechanical limit throughputs in excess of 250 WPH for 200mm wafers and 230 WPH for 300mm wafers. And a fully independent load lock ensures superior productivity regardless of the automation interface (manual, SMIF, AGV, or 300mm buffer).

4. Total Dose Shift Immunity
  Maximizing your fab's productivity means ensuring your specified implant conditions are consistently achieved. Boasting up to three cyro pumps, VIISta's high pumping capacity controls photoresist outgassing with ease, providing dose shift immunity unparalleled in the industry.

5. Complete Horizontal Wafer Transport
  From load lock, to pre-aligner, to implant platen, VIISta performs all wafer transfers under vacuum and in the horizontal plane. Plus, by reducing any unnecessary wafer movements and using backside wafer handling, VIISta virtually eliminates the particle contamination common with spinning disk end stations.

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