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Maximized Process
Process Integrity
Multiple Species Compatability
Cost of Ownership Advantage
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1. Maximized Process Flexibility
  VIISion's unique beam transport architecture ensures minimal charge exchange and neutral formation resulting in minimized energy contamination. The recipe control system safeguards your process to produce the highest device yields and wafer throughputs. What's more, the selectable angle and rotation gives you the flexibility needed for future device geometries.

2. Production-Proven Reliability
  Availability, specified at 85% is routinely achieved in production. In fact, VIISion delivers has demonstrated above 90% in many fabs around the world...and VIISion offers high production throughputs at all energies due to it's ability to produce high production-worthy beam currents at all energies.

3. Industry-Proven Process Integrity
  VIISion's uniformity and repeatability within wafer and from wafer to wafer ensures the highest possible device yields. The proven design of VIISion's Plasma Flood Gun (PFG) provides superior charge control over the full range of beam current for even the most charge sensitive devices. In addition, the VIISion beam line combines advanced extraction optics with high extraction energies to minimize particulate, metallic, and energy contamination.

4. Multiple Species Compatability
  VIISion is widely used in production with alternative species including silicon, germanium, antimony, oxygen, and nitrogen and Varian Semiconductor continues it's commitment to extensive process support you require bringing the newest device designs into production in your fab.

5. Cost of Ownership Advantage
  VIISion delivers spec beam currents while achieving specified metals, particles, and charge control performance. This capability allows VIISion to sustain high device yields with the highest possible production throughput.

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