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Process Assurance
Dose Shift Immunity
Chained Implants
Process Security
Cost Effective MeV
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1. Process Assurance
  Kestrel II sets the pace again as the only MeV system with measured and interlocked final energy ¾ process assurance that only comes with precision energy control. Closed loop, real-time high voltage monitoring provides continuous measurement of ion beam energy.

2. Dose Shift Immunity
  The original Kestrel has long outdistanced competitive systems in the control of photoresist outgassing associated with MeV implantation. Kestrel II combines the industry's largest volume process chamber with direct cryo pumping to offer end users maximum throughput across the entire energy range. Kestrel II's large volume process chamber absorbs pressure bursts from outgassing and minimizes dose shift and energy contamination. Because pressure remains below the dose error control limit, you'll see throughputs up to 100% higher than designs incorporating small volume process chambers.

3. Chained Implants
  A Kestrel specialty, chained implants can boost output by as much as 50%. Kestrel II's fast automated beam tuning is ideal for chained implants. Energy changes are completed in <60 seconds, regardless of charge status. What's more, Kestrel II can chain Vt, adjust, channel stop, and retrograde well implants without unloading wafers. The simplicity of the Tandetron accelerator is the key to Kestrel II's remarkable performance that will streamline implant production and maximize the productivity of your fab.

4. Process Security
  Kestrel II delivers process security and the required beam stability by managing source re-tuning requirements and optimizing extraction. Source output and beam current density are optimized at low arc currents providing longer source life over the full range of implants, from lowest to highest energies.

5. Cost Effective MeV Implantation
  Kestrel II occupies as much as 46% less floor space than other MeV implanters and offers higher overall useable throughput and reliability. The DC Tandetron accelerator sets the Kestrel II apart from other MeV implanters, covered by a five-year warranty the accelerator is the most reliable design available, with no required water-cooling. Kestrel II requires less than half the power and only one-quarter of the cooling water supply of typical MeV implanters, resulting in significant savings in operating costs.

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