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Maximized Process
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Higher Productivity for
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Rapid Diagnostics
Optimized Performance
through SPC
Upgrades for this product

1. Maximized Process Flexibility
  EHPi's broad operating range, offers the greatest flexibility in implant dose, angle, and energy. EHPi's pure uniform ion beams are ideally suited for critical threshold voltage adjustments and the low dose, high tilt capability expands your options for halo and pocket implants. Single wafer processing is the key to flexibility of implant angle and orientation, and EHPi offers tilt angles of 0-60° and rotations of 0-360°.

2. Industry-Proven Process Integrity
  Horizontal wafer transfer and the electrostatic platen qualify the E-series implanters for advanced IC technologies The EHPi implanter demonstrates unsurpassed uniformity and repeatability across the entire dose, energy, and tilt range and the EHPi excels in minimizing metallic and particulate contamination, making high production yields achievable in your fab.

3. Higher Productivity for Lower Cost of Ownership
  Around the world, the E-series implanters are the production tools of choice for medium current implants and are one of the smallest footprints available for medium current systems. Along with the high beam currents and excellent mechanical throughput --- the E series delivers maximum wafer production. With throughputs in excess of 210 WPH, beam tuning concurrent with wafer loading and unloading, and fast beam tuning and set up time EHPi is the ideal tool for multiple processes and recipe changes.

4. Rapid Diagnostics
  The "i"in EHPi stands for intelligence, and EHPi's new control system offers rapid diagnostics that capture and processes data on all machine-related parameters in a Windows' environment. Statistical analysis can be used to reduce the MTTR "mean-time-to-diagnose" problems and the time it take to re-qualify setup.

5. Optimized Performance through SPC
  Founded on ten years of production experience, the new EHPi offers statistical process control, multitasking for faster setups, and high-throughput factory automation compatibility. Varian Semiconductor's E-series implanters are known throughout the industry for simplicity, high reliability, and serviceability and now have the added capability of further enhancing performance through SPC analysis and control.

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